Sweet Relish

Enjoy Mt. Olive’s traditional sweet relish.

Sweet Relish (8 oz.)  UPC 0930000007
Sweet Relish (12 oz.)  UPC 0930000024
Sweet Relish (16 oz.)  UPC 0930000044

Available as:

Sweet Relish - 0930000007

Dill Relish - 0930000010

Dill Salad Cubes - 0930000022

Hint of Salt Sweet Relish - 0930000349

Hot Dog Relish - 0930000027

No Sugar Added Sweet Relish - 0930000106

Simply Relish Deli Style Dill with Sea Salt - 0930000635

Simply Relish Deli Style Sweet with Sea Salt - 0930000640

Sweet India Relish - 0930000035

Organic Sweet Relish - 0930000459

Sweet Salad Cubes - 0930000045

Squeeze Dill Relish - 0930000037

Squeeze Hot Dog Relish - 0930000032​

Squeeze Sweet Relish - 0930000030

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If you love the classic, sweet crunch of pickles in your meals, but don’t have time to waste chopping, try Mt. Olive’s classic Sweet Relish. Providing an amazing sweet, yet tangy flavor, our Sweet Relish is amazing to add into potato salad, tuna or chicken salad, as well as scooping a bunch onto hamburgers and hotdogs. 

Whether you are adding it into your favorite recipe or using it as a crunchy and bold topping, Mt. Olive Sweet Relish is prepared with the freshest of ingredients. Add the highest-quality cucumbers picked at the peak of ripeness to our delicious brine and pickling spices, and you get an explosion of crunchy, crisp flavors. 

Elevate the flavor of a variety of meats, soups, sides, and sandwiches with this perfect ratio of delectable ingredients. Mt. Olive has been producing high-quality pickled and relish products for nearly 100 years. Our classic products have come to be a best selling and well-loved item, overshining those of other pickle companies. Ready to try it for yourself? Give our Sweet Relish a try!

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Sweet Relish
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
 by Brittany

Not really a review just wondering why the jar says little sister sweet green relish

Little Sister is our food service brand that you can find at some wholesale clubs like Sam’s.

 by Jeannie

Too goopy!!!!!

Remove the HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). I grew up eating your relish and could not figure out why it was disgusting and inedible the past several years. (I had not eaten relish in years, until I decided to make some of my own tuna fish at home). Relish was already sweet, why add more sweetness?!?!?!?!?? I will not eat the low-sugar version, since it has that nasty sucralose in it. Just reduce the darned sugar and the HFCS and GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL RECIPE.


Jeannie, you would probably enjoy our new 16 oz. Simply Relish Deli Style Sweet with Sea Salt. It’s a fresh pack item with great crunch, sweetened with sugar.

 by Kathy Donzella

Question. Why isn’t there an expiration date on this relish? How long is it good?

We stamp a Best by Date on the glass, near where it curves into the lid. If you just can’t find it, no worries. We have a 30-month date on our products. Also, pickles and relishes don’t spoil over time. They may just get dark and soft, and the flavor may be off. There’s no harm in opening the jar and trying the relish for taste and texture. If it’s off, toss. If it tastes fine, enjoy!

 by Anonymous

I hate to complain, but I bought your sweet relish an it seems to be full of stems or old, hard stringy pieces. Since this is my first bad experience, I will try again. Use by date was April 01, 2022. For your information.

Hi thanks so much for letting us know! If you can fill out our Product Feedback form,https://www.mtolivepickles.com/contact-us/concerns-product-feedback/, we can get this information to our Quality Control Department. We thank you for letting us know and for buying Mt. Olive!

 by Tommy

Thank you, Lynn, will try the Simply Relish Deli Style Sweet with Sea Salt!! I came to your page because the relish that I grew up loving is no longer the same. Syrupy and foreign. Liked the old stuff.

 by sally

can we order just sweet india relish? What would the price/shipping be. We live in Rock Hill, sc...can't find a store here. Is there one in Pineville,NC? I can't rate it since I've not had any, but from friends' reports, would like to consider ordering.

Sally, you can, and we'll send you six jars per box. To order, call our gift shop at 800.672.5041.

 by Robert Stuart

I love this sweet relish.....I bout 2 jars of the 2qt jug everytime I bought some....here lately I haven't been able to find it anywhere.....do yall still make it? ......do you happen to know where I can order some?

Hi Robert, thanks for contacting us! Yes, we still have the sweet relish. If you haven't already, checkout our product locator on our website https://www.mtolivepickles.com/product-locator/. This will find the closest carrier to your zip code. We hope this information helps! Thanks for buying Mt. Olive!

 by Edward Seitzinger

Good flavor, how about NOT using high fructose corn syrup?

Edward, you may be interested in our new line of Simply Pickles and Simply Relish, where the sweet products contain sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

 by Brendan B

Best relish on the market. Its flavor somewhere between sweet and dill. After having this all other sweet relish taste like some sort of artificial candy in comparison.

 by Peter Anderson-Stone

Love it! I do not even bother making tuna salad if I'm out of this Sweet Relish. Equal parts sweet onion, relish n tuna with just enough mayo to help mix. I have to drain the juice and would love to hear any tips. Considering trying the salad cubes. Just wanted to give Mt Olive a thanks. Addicted! Would be 5 stars if I didn't have to drain it.

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