9 Things You Don’t Know About Pickles

Homemade Organic Crunch Green Pickles

Pickles are one of the most popular go-to snacks in the United States. Don’t believe us? Well, the Department of Agriculture estimates that the average American eats 8.5 lbs of pickles a year. Now, those are a lot of pickles! Despite their popularity throughout history, there are a ton of lesser-known facts about and health…

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Artist Spotlight: Elaine O’Neil

Elaine O'neil Pickle Art

Elaine O’Neil is a unique and talented artist who has always loved sewing and working with fabric. O’Neil obtained her art education from the Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science. Her major was Textile Design. After starting out in apparel, O’Neil transitioned into art about 30 years ago when a friend in Maine asked her to create…

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Artist Spotlight: Seraphim Smith

  Who is Seraphim Smith? Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Seraphim Smith graduated with degree in painting and a minor in graphic design from Middle Tennessee State University in 2004. He began working in the catering industry, which sparked his interest in the artistry of food. Smith made his way to North Carolina in 2005. He…

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New Year’s Eve Pickle will drop into 2023

pickle drop from cherry picker

22nd annual event will be held at University of Mount Olive on December 31 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                   CONTACT:  Lynn Williams November 30, 2022                                                                                                         919-581-3628                                                                                                                       lwilliams@mtolivepickles.com MOUNT OLIVE, NC—Mt. Olive Pickle Company, Inc. will hold its New Year’s Eve Pickle Drop Saturday, December 31 with the help of a few of its…

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ONE BIG DILL: Axtyn The Pickle-Loving Baby’s First Birthday

Child Birthday pickle

A North Carolina family and their baby, Axtyn, stopped at Firehouse Subs for lunch one day. That was where Axtyn tried his first pickle. *Photos contributed by Photographer Cheyenne Woods His mom, Jessica, gave Axtyn a taste, and suddenly he wanted the entire pickle! “We let him hold it, then he dropped it and screamed…

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Pickle Enrichment at the NC Zoo

Gorilla holding plastic pickle

The North Carolina Zoo is the largest zoo in the world by land mass, with over 2,500 acres. Located in Randolph County near Asheboro, the Zoo focuses on naturalistic animal habitats, and it is the world’s largest natural habitat Zoo. This means all of the animals have large and diverse habitats. Dr. Cathy Mingee, Ph.D…

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Wedding Party Pickle Bar

Bride in white dress with jean jacket stands next to groom in grey jacket with black tow tie. Both are holding pickle spears. table filled with jars of pickles in front of them.

Becki grew up eating Mt. Olive Pickles. Before she even turned one, her babysitter Bev Webster gave her a taste of her first pickle, and ever since then, Becki was hooked! Becki’s love of pickles is known by all who know her. Growing up, her Grandmama and Papa always made sure to stock the fridge…

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Welcome to Mt. Olive’s new website!

website featured

MtOlivePickles.com is the same address, but the new location for all things Mt. Olive Pickle. See what’s in our product line, browse an array of new recipes and videos on how to make them, and check out the kid-friendly activities and pickle-themed educational materials for teachers. And, order either of our gift packs online. All…

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