Wedding Party Pickle Bar

Bride in white dress with jean jacket stands next to groom in grey jacket with black tow tie. Both are holding pickle spears. table filled with jars of pickles in front of them.
Catherine Hurt Photography

Becki grew up eating Mt. Olive Pickles. Before she even turned one, her babysitter Bev Webster gave her a taste of her first pickle, and ever since then, Becki was hooked! Becki’s love of pickles is known by all who know her. Growing up, her Grandmama and Papa always made sure to stock the fridge with pickles for her visits, and Becki even had a guest show up to her graduation party with a gallon jar of Mt. Olive Pickles!

Like many modern day love stories, Becki met a dill-lightful man named Chris (better known as “Critter”) on an online dating app. They started dating, and they attended the NC Pickle Festival two years in a row together. Becki said she knew it was real love when Critter, who loves pickles, started giving her his pickles off of his sandwiches. Their love story blossomed when Critter proposed to Becki at Disney’s Rainforest Cafe. 

Becki and Critter began planning their wedding and decided to have it at the historic house Becki’s Grandmama grew up in. 

“It has been in our family for hundreds of years. It belonged to her grandparents,” Becki said.

While planning their special day, Becki was inspired by a TikTok and decided she wanted to have a Pickle Bar at their wedding. Critter loved the idea and was all for it! He specifically hoped for some spicy pickles as those are his favorites.

To create the Pickle Bar, Becki’s mother, Kelli Brown, helped Becki with finding and labeling some beautiful glass jars in a variety of different sizes and shapes.

“She even had the idea to use the jar to put the flowers in on the table! Sharon Mulgrew had the idea of the “advice from a pickle” that is on the table. Denny Powell (my favorite cousin) assisted with the layout on the table,” Becki said.

So, what did the guests think about the Pickle Bar?

“They loved it!! I had told a lot of people ahead of time so they were looking forward to it!” Becki said.

The spicy pickles were the first to go, specifically the jalapeno dill spears!

“I loved how everyone from family friends, childhood neighbors, to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins helped make my wedding come together. It was so special knowing how many people cared about us and wanted the wedding to be perfect,” Becki said.

About the photos:

These beautiful photos were captured by Catie of Catherine Hurt Photography. Catie is a wedding photographer based in Charleston, SC.

“There are so many reasons why I love photographing weddings! But I always say you get to see the absolute best of people at weddings and that is definitely my favorite part. You see every raw emotion unfolding right in front of you. The bridesmaids watching the bride’s mom button up her wedding dress, the groom’s hands shaking before the first look, a mother dancing with her son and trying to hide the fact that she’s crying. Every single moment is precious and so real. There are always so many emotions on wedding days and I love being able to capture those. Especially the ones that the bride and groom aren’t able to witness themselves,” said Catie.

When Catie found out about the Pickle Bar at Becki & Critter’s wedding, she was so excited!

“I absolutely love pickles so the fact that there would be a pickle bar at Becki & Chris’s wedding just made me that much more excited to be there. And I think seeing how excited Becki was about it made it even better,” said Catie.

Catie, like Becki, is obsessed with pickles. “My favorites are the Kosher Dill pickles in the sandwich stuffer or spear shape. And I also can’t get enough of the dill relish. I put that on all of my sandwiches and in my tuna!” said Catie. 

“Becki and Chris made their day so special and included parts that highlighted their relationship. The pickle bar, their cake with the topper of their dog Bentley, and lots of other details made their day so unique and so them! I love when couples break the traditional ‘boundaries’ that surround weddings and use the day and details to really make it their own.”

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