Artist Spotlight: Claire Kiester’s Pickle Screen prints – Ink on muslin

Claire Kiester is an artist from Chapel Hill, NC. Kiester is currently attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL.  Her concentrations are in Print media and Fiber and Material Studies.

Growing up, Kiester was always interested in art, and she enjoyed being creative and working with her hands. She chose her current art education and concentrations as the perfect outlet for this creativity. In her recent projects, Kiester has been working with food and packaging. She has been exploring how it relates to her childhood and her memories of growing up in North Carolina.

Kiester’s favorite Mt. Olive product is the Hamburger Dill Chips, which inspired her recent screen printing project. She approached this project with the nostalgia of growing up in North Carolina and always enjoying Mt. Olive Pickles.

“Screen printing is a great way to convey packaging and show my memories of Mt. Olive Pickles.” 

To begin, Kiester first drew a picture of the container. Next, she drew out the different color layers, a total of 4 layers. In screen printing, every layer that you print is one color.

  Next, she exposed the layers into a screen and used inks to print them on top of one another onto fabric, creating the unique image of the Mt. Olive Hamburger Dill Chips jar.  

Mt. Olive Appreciates Our Customers

At Mt. Olive, we are so grateful for all of our customers and fans. We appreciate the talented artists like Claire Kiester who are inspired by their enjoyment and memories of our products. We hope to continue to spark creativity in our community and beyond! You can follow along with Kiester’s art on Instagram at: