Artist Spotlight: Claire Kiester’s Pickle Screen prints – Ink on muslin

Clair Jar

Claire Kiester is an artist from Chapel Hill, NC. Kiester is currently attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL.  Her concentrations are in Print media and Fiber and Material Studies. Growing up, Kiester was always interested in art, and she enjoyed being creative and working with her hands. She chose…

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Artist Spotlight: Emily Wallace

stickers - bologna, kosher dill pickles, pimento cheese artwork

Artist Emily Wallace was born and raised in the small eastern North Carolina town of Smithfield. Growing up in rural North Carolina, Wallace spent a lot of time with her grandmother, Charlotte Wallace, who inspired her to take an interest in art. Wallace began doodling, drawing, and painting as a child, and she never stopped. Of…

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Artist Spotlight: Karen Barton-Gray’s Baby Dill Pickles

Kosher Baby Dills Art

Karen Barton-Gray is a lifelong painter who is based in Puyallup, WA. Her interest in art began at a very early age. “As a child, I started painting all of the horses I ever wanted to own, and that was many,” she said. Throughout her life, she continued to paint whenever time allowed. After retiring…

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Artist Spotlight: Patti Doyle

painting of jar of Mt. Olive Kosher Dill pickle spears

Patti Doyle is an artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is also a teacher at a local Christian school, a wife to her husband Peter, and a mother to 18-year-old twins and a 21 year old. While growing up, Doyle took art classes at school every year through her senior year. She loved art, and…

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Pollination & Pickles: A Look into the World of Bees with Jacquelyn Fitzgerald

Jacquelyn Fitzgerald

Did you know… without pollinators such as bees, there would be no pickles?! Jacquelyn Fitzgerald, originally from Winston Salem, NC, is now a PhD student at Northwestern University and the Chicago Botanic Garden in Chicago, IL. After completing her undergraduate degree at NC State, Fitzgerald decided to pursue her PhD in Plant Biology and Conservation.…

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Pregnancy & Pickles

Pickles and Pregnancy

Why do pregnant women crave pickles? Increased blood volume during pregnancy raises a pregnant women’s need for sodium, making salty foods, like pickles, a very common craving! Like many pregnant women, Amanda Haigler had been having some serious pickle cravings. Amanda is expecting twins, and she wanted to find a creative way to document this chapter…

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Sweet Baby Rae: A Pickle-Loving Baby

baby rae eating a pickle

Photographer Jessie Edwards has always had a passion for taking pictures. She first started her photography hobby with a focus in film photography, but then after having kids and becoming a stay-at-home mom, Edwards decided to take some classes in digital photography. She really loved it, and she began shooting photo sessions for friends in…

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