Pregnancy & Pickles

Why do pregnant women crave pickles?

Increased blood volume during pregnancy raises a pregnant women’s need for sodium, making salty foods, like pickles, a very common craving!

Like many pregnant women, Amanda Haigler had been having some serious pickle cravings. Amanda is expecting twins, and she wanted to find a creative way to document this chapter in her life.

Amanda has always trusted photographer Staci Fugate-Dernbach of Ladybach Photography to capture her family milestones and important moments. Staci wanted to do a unique photoshoot to document’s Amanda’s pregnancy with her twins.

Staci told us, “I have known Amanda for several years and she has been such a light in my life and her family has been such a joy to watch grow, that when she found herself pregnant with twins, I knew that I wanted this maternity session to be special.”

We’ve all seen the classic milk bath pregnancy photos. Well, Staci put on her creative thinking cap, and she came up with the idea for a “Pickle Bath” instead!

“I have done several milk baths in the past and wanted to change it up to reflect more of Amanda’s cravings instead of just creating a ‘pretty picture’ with her because let’s face it, she’s beautiful in whatever she is in,” Staci said.

Ladybach Photography

How did they prepare for the photo shoot?  

Lots and lots of pickle shopping!

“I went to 2 stores and bought 25 different sized jars of pickles.  I bought a round plastic pool kiddie pool and set it all up in my yard under a tree.  We filled the pool just enough to make the pickles float and poured all 25 jars into the water,” Staci said.

Ladybach Photography

Why did they choose only Mt. Olive Pickles?

Amanda told us, “Because they are obviously the best! Seriously, they are my favorite, and if I was going to be laying in a bunch of pickles, it had to be the best!”

Amanda and Staci had a blast during the photo shoot, and when they were done, they both smelled like pickle juice! But the amazing photographs were totally worth it.

Ladybach Photography

“Staci is super easy to work with, and I always feel so comfortable in front of her lens. My other kids thought it was hilarious, and my husband thought I had lost my mind. I was absolutely blown away by how stunning the photos were when I saw the final project,” Amanda said.

Ladybach Photography

“It was a blast to be a part of something so unique and to have photo documentation of one of my biggest pregnancy cravings with these two! Mount Olive pickles are my favorite, and I can’t wait to show the twins these photos one day. With all the pickles I’ve eaten, they are sure to love them too!”

Ladybach Photography

The creative genius behind these photos, Staci of Ladybach Photography, is based in Knoxville, Tennessee, but she also love to travel and shoot in new places. Staci’s passion is helping people create and capture their ideas, whether it be a first birthday, backyard wedding, senior sessions, couples sessions, waterfall chasing or pickle shoots. She loves having fun and making memories during her shoots! 

Check her out on Facebook at, and on Instagram at @ladybachphotography.  Her website is

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