Artist Spotlight: Patti Doyle

Patti Doyle is an artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is also a teacher at a local Christian school, a wife to her husband Peter, and a mother to 21-year-old twins and a 24 year old.

picture of Patti Doyle artist in black shirt woman with blonde hair. standing in front of two framed landscape paintings

While growing up, Doyle took art classes at school every year through her senior year. She loved art, and she was voted “Most Artistic” of her senior class. After high school, she pursued her degree in education at Elon University. Although she has always been artistic and crafty, Doyle didn’t start seriously painting until about 10 years ago. As her children got older and busier, Doyle had more free time, and that was when she rediscovered her passion for art.

Artistic genes run in Doyle’s family, too. Her mother, Rebecca McDuffie, is a watercolor painter who frequently enters her works of art into competitions. McDuffie tends to focus her watercolor painting on people, while Doyle’s passion is oil painting with a focus on landscapes.

Doyle credits her artistic inspiration to being a believer in Christ. Her passion has always been painting coastal landscapes, and she paints what God leads her to. When she sees God’s creations in nature, that is what inspires her to pick up her paintbrush and create.Doyle’s main style is oil painting on canvas. She works out of her home studio, which is her own special space where she paints on a daily basis. She enjoys accepting commissions and creating special oil paintings for her customers to enjoy and cherish.

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Doyle’s favorite Mt. Olive product is our Banana Peppers! She is also a fan of the Sweet Heat. She recommends pairing grilled kielbasa with cheese and Sweet Heat for delicious, flavorful meal.

Doyle’s husband Peter has been working at Mt. Olive Pickle Co. for about five years. He asked his wife to paint some of the iconic pickle jars to decorate his office. After that, multiple Mt. Olive coworkers began asking Doyle to paint Mt. Olive jars for them, too. She has also painted some of Mt. Olive’s vintage labels.

painting of vintage pickle jar label Carolina Beauty with cucumber on it Sweet Mixed Picklespainting of vintage pickle jar label MOPICO Sweet Pickles

Doyle’s paintings have become such a big hit, that we decided to make them into prints. Currently, Mt. Olive is featuring three of Doyle’s art prints on our online shop. This is your chance to own a unique Mt. Olive work of art! Out of the three gorgeous paintings available, Doyle’s personal favorite is the Kosher Dill Spears.

painting of Mt. Olive Pickle Jar Kosher Dill Spears

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Online Shop:

painted artwork of jar of Mt. Olive Kosher Baby Dills

What’s next for Patti Doyle?

Right now, she is working on updating her color palate. She has historically chosen to use bright colors, but she is try to work with more muted tones. For example, choosing navy blues rather than bright turquoise. Doyle is currently painting a few more Mt. Olive jars including Mt. Olive’s Jalapeno Slices, and she is also accepting new commissions.

painting of Mt. Olive jar of Jalapeno Slices

Visit her on her website: