Sweet Heat Petites, 16 fl oz

A little heat, a little sweet! Mt. Olive’s Sweet Heat line features our classic Bread & Butter flavor with an added mild spicy kick! Now available in Sweet Heat Petites, the perfect snack size of whole small baby cucumbers picked at their peak.


Mt. Olive Sweet Heat Petites (16 fl oz) UPC:0930000303

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We added a touch of heat to our traditional Mt. Olive Bread & Butter flavor pickles, and the result is a burst of flavor and just-right spiciness, made with Sea Salt and sweetened with sugar. For a tangy and spicy crunch, do not miss these sweet and spicy Sweet Heat Petites from Mt. Olive.

If you love our classic Sweet Petite pickles, then you’ll swoon over this new version, with a mild spicy twist: new Sweet Heat Petites!

Mt. Olive Pickle Co. has been producing your favorite pickles for nearly 100 years, and Mt. Olive is proud to be the #1 best-selling brand of pickles, peppers and relishes in the United States. Our crunchy, flavorful pickle goodness comes from the corner of Cucumber & Vine in our hometown in North Carolina.

  • Made with Mt. Olive’s world renowned Bread & Butter pickle juice brine combined with a mild touch of heat
  • Resealable jar that locks in the perfect crunch and crispy dill flavor
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Mt. Olive Sweet Heat Petites, 16 fl oz
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