BREAKING NEWS: Mt. Olive’s New Product Will Change The Way You Eat Pickles, Forever

Mt. Olive Munchies: The Portable Pickle

If you love pickles as much as we do, then prepare your heart and stomach before reading this.

Leaving the house for the day with a glass jar of pickles is so 2018. Actually, we’re not sure it was ever a thing, but now it can be. Since Mt. Olive was founded in 1926, we’ve made it our duty to remain focused on our customers, our community, and of course, high-quality pickles, peppers, and relish.

If you are, well, human, then there is a good chance you enjoy a good ‘ol pickle. However, being that we are indeed humans, there’s an even better chance that if you’re reading this, you would consider yourself constantly on-the-go.

The bad news is (or was), usually when running out of the house, you don’t think to grab a pickle to-go. It’s not that you wouldn’t love it as a snack, it’s just that dealing with a pickle jar can create some inconvenience when you’re in a hurry.

So in order to prevent the world from pickle deprivation, we invented an easier way to enjoy your Mt. Olive pickles. We’re excited to introduce, Munchies: The Portable Pickle.

“We are pleased to offer a great pickle that can finally keep pace with busy families and pickle lovers on the go,” says Greg Smith, Mt. Olive’s executive vice president for sales & marketing. “Our new Munchies in the pouch can be enjoyed anywhere – at work or school, in the car, at cookouts and tailgates, or even as a convenient, resealable snack in front of the TV.”

Our new line of Munchies: The Portable Pickle uses select ingredients including Sea Salt, sugar and natural color. Like the rest of Mt. Olive’s products, the Munchies are gluten-free. Best of all, these pickles have superior flavor and crunch – they are as good as our Mt. Olive pickles in the jar. And, you get to drink the pickle juice from the pouch when the pickles are all gone…

Try any (or all) of our seven new items:

Single-serve, 4.8 oz. pouches –  Kosher Petite Dills, Kosher Dill Chips, Buffalo Kosher Dill Chips, and Bread & Butter Chips

Multi-serve, 11.8 oz. pouches – Kosher Dill Chips, Kosher Baby Dills, and Bread & Butter Chips

You can find Munchies: The Portable Pickle in many grocery stores already, with broader nationwide distribution in the coming weeks. Use our Product Locator for locations near you!

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