Jalapeno Flavored Dill Spears

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These spicy jalapeno pickle spears are a magical blend of a little jalapeno heat and traditional dill pickle flavor that makes these spicy pickle spears the perfect side to your favorite meal.

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Jalapeno Flavored Dill Spears (24 oz.) – 09300 18709
Polish Dill Spears Made with Sea Salt (24 oz.) 09300 00305

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Mt. Olive Jalapeno Flavored Dill Spears blend a little jalapeno heat with traditional dill pickle flavor, making it the perfect snack or side to your favorite meal. These spicy dill spears are excellent for all heat lovers wanting to wake up their taste buds. Serve alongside sandwiches and soups, or slice them to add some spice to your everyday sandwich. Once you take your first crunch into our Jalapeno Flavored Dill Spears, you’ll have a new snack you crave day in and day out.

Ready to munch on right out of the jar, these spicy dill spears are made from only the best, high-quality ingredients. Mt. Olive always uses fresh cucumbers, signature dill, jalapeno flavors, and pickling spices for an unmistakable taste. Bringing you mouth-watering spiciness in each crunch into our Jalapeno Flavored Pickle Spears, your next barbeque or party is sure to be a hit.

Enjoy the taste of your favorite traditional dill pickle spear with a Mt. Olive twist of jalapeno hotness. Grab some toothpicks to get these ready for a cookout appetizer or serve alongside a melty grilled cheese sandwich for a delicious lunch. Our Jalapeno Flavored Dill Spears are great to enjoy on their own or use to spice up an old recipe. Mt. Olive Dill Spears effortlessly brighten up your pantry and liven up your refrigerator with a new blend of tastes.

Mt. Olive has been producing high-quality pickled and relish products for close to 100 years. We specialize in unique recipes and satisfying formulas, always bringing our customers exciting new tastes and varieties. Find our Jalapeno Flavored Dill Spears in a store near you today for tons of flavor with the right amount of spice.

Reviews (16)

16 reviews for Jalapeno Flavored Dill Spears

  1. Michael ALLISON

    They are a great product and I like the flavor and the hotness thank you so much

  2. Holly Ashkey

    I love these pickles! The jalapeño flavor is delicious! I’m having one problem though and that is trying to find them in my area. We had a Food Lion grocery store that carried these and the store has recently closed. I tried to search for them in a certain radius and no luck. I was wondering if I can purchase this product straight from your company? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Holly Ashley

    • Lynn.Williams

      Holly, call our gift shop at 800.672.5041!

  3. Justin Steed

    I run into the same problem as Holly I have a Lowes food and a Harris teeter a couple blocks from me and neither carry this type of pickles thanks Justin S

    • Lynn.Williams

      Justin, try our online locator to see if our Jalapeno Dill Spears are available elsewhere near you. If you just can’t find them, call our gift shop at 800.672.5041.

  4. Juliet Boggess

    I love the Jalapeño pickles! But my favorite was the Mexican pickles, can’t find them here in Tx.

    • Lynn.Williams

      Juliet, unfortunately we have discontinued our Mexicana pickles… 🙁

  5. Juantina

    I love, love.. love these pickles! They are so flavorful and tasty. The only bad thing about them is, they don’t come in a 5 gallon size! Or maybe you guys could make a special order for me… pretty please, with a pickle on top!

    • Lynn.Williams

      Juantina, we are dill-lighted you enjoy these! They only come in the 24 oz. size (and we don’t have five-gallon jars anymore) 🙂

  6. Travis Brown

    The best!

  7. isaac adas

    I love these pickles just one little problem would love to get them in a gallon size if possible my family eats 4 jars a week and I’d love to just get them from y’all if I could get them in a 64oz jar

    • Lynn.Williams

      Isaac, we are dill-lighted you enjoy these! The 24 oz. jar is the only size of these we pack.

  8. Teresa Solis

    I LOVE these pickles but cannot find them anywhere in Texas. Please tell me how I can get these pickles. I would love to purchase as many jars as I possibly can!!

    • Lynn.Williams

      Teresa, if you haven’t already, please use the product locator on our website to search for it near you: https://www.mtolivepickles.com/product-locator/ If you just can’t find it, you can always order from us and we’ll ship you six jars per box. To order, call our gift shop at 800.672.5041.

  9. dolores

    I totally love these pickles. I serve them on my chilli dogs, my family from Pittsburgh was here in Va. and I fed them the pickles, now they are bugging me all the time to send them jars because they claim they cant find them in their area. Please put them in the stores in Pittsburgh pa. They are making me crazy. They come to Va. and take all my jars of pickles. lol

  10. nikki

    I found these when on vacation in Charlotte NC.. could not bring home on plane. looked up closest store that has these is in MD which is 38 miles plus from me.. Can you find a giant or weis or even walmart a wagmens.. anything near York Pa…..I would even order from u directly to use these in my restaurant w sandwiches.

    • Lynn.Williams

      Nikki, Food Lion and Harris Teeter locations in the Mid-Atlantic region should have these. Beyond that, they just aren’t available. You can order from us and we’ll ship six jars per box via UPS. For pricing and to order, call our gift shop at 800-672-5041.

  11. Edward Daniel

    I finally made my own using Mt Olive Zesty Garlic Kosher Spears and adding 3 or 4 teaspoons of Mt Olive Diced Jalapeno peppers and let stand a couple of days in the fridge.

  12. Richard Clark Cowart

    I love these hot North Carolina pickles – they are so good !!! Ain’t nobody got nuthin on Mt Olive pickles !!!

  13. John S Goodwin

    Does the following apply to your pickles? To ferment cucumbers, you leave them in a salt solution until bacteria start to feed on them. This makes a complex flavor and a distinctive sour bite. It also creates “good bacteria” (probiotics) that seem to help your body fight germs, absorb nutrients, digest food, and even control anxiety. But buyer beware: Many supermarket “pickles” are simply cucumbers in a vinegar solution, which is not the same.

    • Melissa Kilpatrick

      Hi John! Yes, the cucumbers we use for our Dill pickles and most relishes are fermented prior to packing. We start by placing fresh cucumbers in one of our 1,100 brine tanks on our tank yard. These cucumbers undergo a fermentation process that occurs when the salt brine reacts to lactic acid bacteria found naturally on the cucumbers. This process burns off the natural sugars in the cucumbers, leaving them “cured,” meaning they will not spoil over time. Once the cucumbers are fermented, we pack them as pickles or relishes. But in reference to probiotics, our pickles are not a source of probiotics because we pasteurize everything. Pasteurization kills off all bacteria, good and bad. Only some of our products are fermented. We pack the rest, including the Jalapeno Flavored Dill Spears, by placing fresh cucumbers or peppers in jars, adding the cover brine with vinegar, salt and all the flavorings, and pasteurizing the jars to just the right temperature for optimum flavor, quality and safety.

  14. Aurora

    Love these pickles!! There seems to be a shortage! I’ve been to 8 stores in wake county and only found 2 jars! Time to turn up production! I need my jalapeño pickle fix!

    • Lynn.Williams

      We are dill-lighted you enjoy them! Yes, please be patient with us as we work to get our inventories back to normal.



  16. Rocky Thompson

    I could only find these at food town locations.. now no one has them.. I’m in the Houston Tx location

    • Melissa Kilpatrick

      Hi Rocky, thanks for your note. We are currently experiencing some temporary out of stocks and production delays on certain items, including our Jalapeño Flavored Dill Spears. We are working hard to get these packed and back to your local stores as soon as possible. Thank you for buying (and looking for) Mt. Olive!

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