Bread & Butter Spears

Mt. Olive’s fresh bread and butter flavor in a crunchy pickle spear. These pickles have Mt. Olive’s delicious, sweet Bread & Butter flavor and make for the perfect pickle side dish for your lunch, or eaten alone as a snack.

Bread & Butter Spears (16 oz.) – 09300 00075
Bread & Butter Spears (24 oz.) – 09300 18707

Available as:

Bread & Butter Spears - 0930000075

No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Spears - 0930000113

SweetHeat Bread & Butter Spears - 0930000133

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Mount Olive’s Bread & Butter Spears have a sweet and tangy profile that is designed to complement any preparation. Cut into thin spear slices, our old-fashioned classic pickle is the perfect addition for sandwiches and burgers, or for chopping up to include in potato salad or your favorite recipe. With a distinct, slightly tangy taste, Bread and Butter Pickles are known for their sweet undertones, while having a tangier finish with the addition celery seeds and coriander. 

At Mount Olive, every batch of pickles we make has been derived from the highest quality cucumbers. Every time you scoop out a pickle spear from one of our jars, you can expect them to be fresh and crunchy. The pickled cucumbers are packed in a glass jar to keep the flavor and texture intact, and to make sure they are ready for the whole family to enjoy.

Whether you are slicing or chopping them up to include in a meal, placing them on your favorite sandwich or burger, sticking them on the plate for a fun boost to the flavor profile, or just scooping them out of the jar and sending them directly to your mouth, there’s no wrong way to enjoy the sweet, tangy taste of our bread & butter spears. 

Since 1926, Mount Olive has been producing and distributing some of the best pickled products across the United States. Located on the corner of Cucumber & Vine in Mount Olive in North Carolina, our farm has been producing the highest quality products for almost a century. For all of this time, Mount Olive has been outshining the quality of other pickle companies and have come to be a well-loving and best-selling item. We have a variety of pickled products, from Sour Pickles and Zesty Organic Kosher Dill Pickle Spears, to Gherkins and our revolutionary Munchies Resealable Pickle Pouches. We love to feature all of your favorite pickle recipes, perfect for the pickle lover on the go!

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Bread & Butter Pickle Spears
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 6 reviews
 by bd


 by Anonymous

The best tasting Bread & Butter Pickle, on the grocery store shelf anywhere!

 by Jamie

Best Bread and Butter pickle!

 by Marsha


 by Thomas King

My favorite pickle of all pickles – too bad they are so hard to find in a grocery store. When I do find them I buy 6 or 8 of the largest jars they have.


Love these pickles especially the spears. Not the chips, not the sandwich stuffers the spears that have the snap when you take a bite. Now why are they so hard to find. Maybe other folks love them too.