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Mount Olive Zesty Garlic Kosher Dills - Best Tasting Pickles in the market. Just ask our customers

Zesty Garlic Kosher Dills

( 11 customer reviews )

These whole, fresh Zesty Kosher Garlic Dills are bursting with with garlic flavor!

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Zesty Garlic Kosher Dills (46 oz.) – 09300 18400
Hot & Spicy Kosher Dills
Kosher Dills
Simply Pickles Kosher Dills (46 oz.)  UPC 0930000682

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It’s a deli pickle with a delightful twist. Mt. Olive Zesty Garlic Kosher Dills are an alternative to the traditional whole kosher dill. Bite in and enjoy a crispy, crunchy burst of garlic flavor that will make your mouth water. You’ll find yourself reaching for another, then another.  They’re an irresistible addition to any casual lunch, picnic outing or get-together.  

What makes a great pickle? It’s got to be crunchy and juicy at the same time. It has to have that tangy flavor we’ve all grown to love.  And when you add a little extra garlic and zing into the mix, then you’re creating a new standard for pickle excellence. Freshly picked and packed, using cucumbers harvested at their peak of firmness and flavor. Try one and you’ll be hooked for life.

Make some room in your refrigerator for a jar or two of these Zesty Garlic Kosher Dills. Don’t worry about the space, because they won’t last long.

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Zesty Garlic Kosher Dills

  1. TOM

    the very, very best out there

  2. D. MacLean

    great but hard to find in Texas

  3. Steven walter

    Love these but can’t find them now.

  4. Blu Miller

    These are the best pickles that I have ever tasted but they are extremely hard to locate. I work in 5 different states and have looked for them everywhere.

  5. Lucille Wierzbicki

    Very very hard to find in Houston, Texas! I can only find the spears, but wish the whole would be sold as well. These are the best.

  6. zahra

    I’m not much of a pickler-eater, but sometimes I get this random pickle craving and had the hardest time finding the perfect pickle. THIS, my friends is the pickle you have been looking for! It is so tasty with a hint of spicy heat to it, but it is so good! Found them easily in Atlanta with no problem!

  7. Drew Sanville

    “That’s a good pickle!” I said to my wife. Would recommend to a friend.

  8. Jeff

    Still craving in the 34114! No luck….

  9. Jack B.

    My favorite pickle ever but impossible to find in Texas. Don’t understand why?

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