Use Mount Olive Dills and Pepperoncini in this Fried Pickles and Peppers recipe

Fried Pickles & Peppers

Fried pickles and peppers are a fast and easy snack to make that delights everyone when they are served. Whether you are hosting a football viewing party or a summertime happy hour, guests always want more fried pickles and peppers.  

The first fried pickle appeared in 1963 on the menu of Duchess Drive-In in Atkins, Arkansas, which sat across the street from a pickle factory. One day, Duchess owner Bernell “Fatman” Austin decided to throw hamburger dill chips into catfish batter, fry them up, and the rest is history.

Everything about fried pickles and peppers is mouthwatering. The crispy onion ring batter coats the tangy pickles and spicy peppers for a flavor unlike anything else you’ve experienced. Mt. Olive’s savory fried pickles and peppers recipe is guaranteed to be the best snack you serve.

Tips for Cooking Fried Pickles At Home

Before you start gathering your ingredients, you need to know the basics of cooking fried pickles and peppers. Here are some of our hacks for cooking fried pickles and peppers at home:

  1. Allow the pickles to dry off completely. After draining both the pickles and the peppers, let them dry off. By waiting for the ingredients to dry, you make it easier for the batter to stick while reducing splatter as they cook.
  2. Add more of kick. If you prefer more of a zesty flavor, sub in our jalapeno slices instead of the mild banana peppers listed in the recipe.
  3. Use a thermometer to monitor the oil. Using a thermometer when frying is a must. If you guess the wrong oil temperature, you could end up with burnt pickles and peppers.
  4. Invest in a large spoon strainer. This vital utensil makes it easier to remove your pickles and peppers from the frying oil.
  5. Keep it moving. If you want crispy pickles and peppers, continually flip them as they fry.

Best Sauces for Fried Pickles

To accompany your fried pickles and peppers, you want to serve one or two sauces. You want to make sauces that don’t overpower the flavor of your delicious snack. So, here are our top picks for sauces to pair with your fried pickles and peppers:

For the recipe below, we used dill chip pickles, mild banana pepper rings, and hot banana pepper rings. However, any of our Mt. Olive pickles or peppers can be substituted into the recipe below. You never know what your preference is until you try, so experiment with different pickle and pepper combinations to see what makes your mouth water.

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