Fried Mt. Olive Pickles & Peppers

Fried Pickles & Peppers

Fried pickles and peppers make for fast and easy snack magic — especially during football season when everyone comes over to cheer on their favorite teams.

Fried pickles have been delighting the world since 1963, when they first appeared on the menu of Duchess Drive-In in Atkins, Arkansas. According to Arkansas-based food writer and historian, Kat Robinson, the restaurant sat across from a pickle factory. Eater.com says Duchess owner Bernell “Fatman” Austin decided one day to throw hamburger dill pickle chips into catfish batter and the rest is history.

Because we love pickles — and because pickles shine best when coated in onion ring mix and deep fried — we decided to share this snack-worthy fried pickle recipe to help elevate your football party.

Scroll ahead to check out the pickle and pepper fried mashup for fast and easy munching. Share a chip with your family and friends — or, just enjoy the entire mix by yourself. This fried pickles and pepper recipe is a judgment-free zone.

Tips for Cooking Fried Pickles At Home

Before you start gathering your ingredients, you need to know the basics of cooking fried pickles.

Here are some of our hacks for cooking fried pickles at home:

  1. Allow the pickles to dry off completely. If you don’t wait for the pickles to try, the batter will stick to them better and reduce spattering too.
  2. Add more of kick. If you prefer even more of a zesty flavor, we also offer mild banana pepper rings and diced jalapeno peppers as well.
  3. Use a thermometer to monitor the oil. A thermometer when frying is a must. If you guess the wrong oil temperature, you could end up with burnt pickles.
  4. Invest in a large spoon strainer. The spoon strainer will make your life easier.
  5. Keep it moving. If you want crispy pickles, keep flipping the pickles.
  6. Avoid overcrowding. Cook in small batches to avoid overcrowding.

Best Sauces for Fried Pickles

Between Buttermilk Ranch and Spicy Mayo, it’s hard to choose just one sauce for dipping your fried pickles and peppers. But, no matter what your preferences, we know dipping is half the taste of your fried pickles.

So, here are our top picks for sauces to pair with your fried pickles and peppers:

  1. Spicy Mayo. Blend of mayo and cayenne pepper by chef Zak Pelaccio.
  2. Sweet and Tangy. A little bit of Worcestershire, mustard, and honey.
  3. Buttermilk Ranch. A mix of mayo, chives, and garlic.

For the recipe below, we used dill chip pickles, mild banana pepper rings, and hot banana pepper rings. Any of our Mt Olive pickles and peppers can be used in any of these recipes below. You never know what your preference is until you try.

Find our pickle products at your local grocery store and give them a spin. Kosher pickles, bread, and butter chips or baby dills may just change your life.

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