Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Pickles

Being the most popular pickle we sell at Mount Olive Pickle Company, we offer kosher dill pickles in a wide variety of choices. You can find kosher dill spears, sandwich stuffers, chips, organic, sugar-free, and so much more. For those who have to watch how much sodium they have in their diet, we even offer kosher dill spears with a hint of salt. Many of our kosher dill pickles are available in different jar sizes as well, including 16 oz and 24 oz jars, You may be thinking, is it possible to love a pickle? At Mt. Olive, we believe the answer is yes because pickles are dill-icious! Give these tasty treats a try for a salty, sweet, and juicy crunch.

How Are They Made?

After almost a decade of serving pickles to our community and beyond, we have perfected the pickling process. We start by choosing the freshest cucumbers. The chosen ones are then chopped and cut to the appropriate size. Next, we add them to jars with the pickle brine and spices that give our pickles the flavor you love. Once in the jars, the pickles are pasteurized to just the right temperature and quickly cooled to make the product have a decent shelf life before they are packaged up and sent to stores all over the United States.

Pickles For Dinner?

Over the 90 years of perfecting pickles, we have had plenty of chances to try our favorite food, pickles, in many different recipes. For example, you can use our kosher dill sliders to make more than sliders. Try our Pickle and Cheese Snackers recipe. Our kosher dill hamburger chips are a great way to top off our Pickle Brind Fried Chicken Sandwiches recipe. Search through our list of recipes to find all kinds of ways you can incorporate pickles into any meal.