Bagel Board with Jalapeno Pickle Cream Cheese

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Mt Olive Pickles
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Bagel Board:
6-12 savory bagels of your choice
8-10 oz smoked salmon
Mt. Olive Kosher Baby Dills
Mt. Olive Pepperoncini

Cream cheese
8 oz cream cheese, softened
2 Tbsp Mt Olive Diced Jalapenos
1 Tbsp Mt Olive Deli Style Dill Relish
Fresh dill, for garnish


  1. Combine all cream cheese ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Top with additional jalapenos and fresh dill.
  3. Assemble sliced bagels, smoked salmon, pickles and pepperoncini on a cutting board with bowls of cream cheese.

Servings: 6

Ready in: 15

Course: Main Dish Snack