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Mt. Olive’s line of Simply items – Pickles, Relish, and Vidalia – offers select ingredients for consumers who are looking for something different on the pickle aisle. These items are made with fewer preservatives, sugar in place of high fructose corn syrup, turmeric for color, and sea salt. And like all of Mt. Olive’s products, these are gluten free and vegan.

We chose to give this line a distinctive look, using bright, clear labels to show off how beautiful these products are! And they taste as great as they look.

Simply Pickles includes Mt. Olive Bread & Butter and Kosher Dill flavors, in chips, spear and sandwich stuffers, as well as whole Kosher Baby Dills.

Simply Relish features a relish in a cube cut that provides just the right amount of texture and crunch. Unlike traditional relish, which is made from fermented cucumbers, Simply Relish is cut from fresh cucumbers. We add red bell pepper to add color to the jar. We then add either bread and butter flavoring for the deli style Sweet, or the garlic flavor of kosher dill for the deli style Dill.

As for Simply Vidalia, well, we  start with the famed sweet Vidalia onions from Georgia for two pickled onion products that are out of this world.  Both use our Bread & Butter flavor for a unique blend of just-right goodness. For the Pickled Vidalia Onion Strips, pour these (and the juice) over meats for slow roasting. Or add them to  your sandwiches, burgers and salads to take them up several notches. Our Simply Vidalia Bread & Butter Garden Salad is a satisfying mix of the Vidalia onions with pickled carrots and pickle chips in our signature bread & butter sweet flavor.

Try for yourself! Look for these items on the pickle aisle of your local grocery store today!