Mount Olive No Sugar Added Sweet Gherkins (with Splenda). Now restrictive diets can include pickles too!

No Sugar Added Sweet Gherkins

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Enjoy these sugar-free pickle gherkins, sweetened with the no-calorie SPLENDA® Brand sweetener from Mt. Olives line of no Sugar Added pickle items. These whole sweet pickles offer the cool refreshing taste you love with  no added sugar!

Available as:
No Sugar Added Sweet Gherkins (16 oz.)  UPC 0930000108
Sweet Baby Gherkins (12 oz.)  UPC 0930000018
Sweet Gherkins (16 oz.)  UPC 0930000048
Sweet Gherkins Made with Sugar (16 oz.)  UPC 0930000521

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A great low carb pickle option, Mt. Olive’s No Sugar Added Sweet Gherkins taste just like regular sweet pickles, but are a healthy substitution. These mini cucumber pickles are sweetened with Splenda and are perfect for those wanting to cut excess sugars and carbs out of their diet. With a beautiful big crunch with every bite, if you like sweet pickles we invite you to give our No Sugar Added Sweet Gherkins a try.

Perfect for serving a health-conscious family, chop up our sweet Gherkins for inclusion in cracker trays, your favorite recipes, or in a delicately stacked sandwich. So crisp and bursting with a juicy yet tangy flavor, you would never know that there is no added sugar. Just pile on the pickles at your family barbeques or get together and everyone will love the cool refreshing taste.

Made with the highest quality cucumbers and brined in Mt. Olive’s proprietary recipe of  delicious ingredients, a Mt. Olive pickled product will be unlike any you have ever tasted before. Bringing back the nostalgia of the pickles we all loved as a child, our No Sugar Added Sweet Gherkins are fresh, crunchy, and ready to complement any preparation, whether it’s a grilled cheese sandwich, potato salad, or with crackers and sardines. 

With zero added sugars, and a lower carb intake, enjoy the traditional flavors of a sweet pickle with a healthier alternative. Mt. Olive has been producing high-quality pickled products for nearly 100 years. Its classic pickled products have come to be a best selling and well-loved item, overshining those of other pickle companies. Ready to try it for yourself? Give our No Sugar Added Sweet Gherkins a try!

Reviews (15)

15 reviews for No Sugar Added Sweet Gherkins

  1. Robert M Jones

    I bought this product quite simply by accident. I opened a jar and started eating a few pickles from the jar and they didn’t taste exactly right. Some were a little sour. I thought I had gotten a bad batch. That’s when I saw the no sugar added and Splenda. Tried a few more I am not going finish the jar a waste of good money. Say no to Splenda in pickles un-natural nasty after taste. Hope Mount Olive didn’t pay good money for that recipe and if it’s one of their own they need to get rid of it .

    • Lynn.Williams

      Robert, we pack a variety of products to appeal to a variety of consumer tastes and needs. We offer the No Sugar Added line for folks with diabetes and others on restricted diets. Those consumers enjoy an opportunity to indulge in sweet pickles again. These are also produced with a distinctive yellow and blue label to help distinguish it from our traditional line. You should try our 16 oz. Sweet Gherkins, or our new 16 oz. Sweet Gherkins Made with Sugar.

  2. Patricia Milligan

    I am a diabetic and I love these Gherkins. I have been eating them before I was a diabetic. I also eat the no sugar relish too.
    Great job and hats off to Mt. Olive Pickles for their diabetic products.

  3. Mel

    These are amazing for people who don’t want the added sugar! They are sweet without being overly sweet. And a great crunch! Thank you for having a product available for those of us watching our sugar intake, but not fans of the Dill!

  4. Debra

    These are fantastic–just hard to find in our area, so I have to order them.

  5. Tina

    Just started a low carb lifestyle, and these are a great fix when I’m craving something sweet and/or crunchy. 1.5 carbs for 3 of them – yes please!

  6. Kari

    Thank you for giving me this great option on a low carb diet!

  7. Sharon

    Love these. I wish there were the baby gherkins in the sugar free variety, but I’d eat the whole jar probably if they were available. These chopped up or the no sugar added pickle relish makes my tuna salad, chicken salad & deviled eggs where I can enjoy and eat them too.

  8. Maryann Dreiling

    I love the sweet gherkins with no added sugar. I bought one of the no sugar added samples boxes and have really enjoyed all the pickles! But what I want is more sweet gherkins and bread and butter pickles with no added sugar. How do I order them? It seems I can only order the sample boxes! Help!

    • Lynn.Williams

      Maryann, we can ship six jars of a single item to you in our gift boxes. To order, call our gift shop at 800.672.5041. Thank you!

  9. Carole Whitehead

    My husband always hoarded the Baby Gerkins. One day I tried one, now I don’t eat any other variety, but I discovered quite by accident that they are sugar free and I am diabetic. Thanks for making something for those of us that are so limited on what we can enjoy. I can have as many as I want 🙂 My only suggestion would be to make a bigger jar of them.

  10. Zabrina Dennis

    Love sweet gherkins and so happy that you make these no sugar added ones!

  11. Shannon

    I ate the entire jar! Delicious! And no sugar! Snack heaven for me! Mt. Olive – please pack in bigger jars or multi-packs 🙂

  12. Alexander Lowe

    These things are amazing. When I’m low carb I can eat a whole jar 😀

  13. Belinda Deaver

    Can you get the multi pack of splenda sweet baby gherkins i lin killeen Texas they didn’t have them in my area i would purchase them from publix in Florida please let me know thanks. Belinda Deaver

    • Blair Cox

      Belinda, you can order six jars of a single item from our gift shop or you can order a No Sugar Added Gift Pack from our website. To order call, 800.672.5041. Thanks for buying Mt. Olive!

  14. Bruce Ritchie

    I love these pickles. I wish I could find them in a bigger jar, the 16 oz. jar gets empty way too fast!

  15. Fan From KY

    These pickles are nothing short of incredible. I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone that must avoid sugar for health reasons. Mt. Olive hit the nail on the head with this recipe. Everybody with a sugar restriction should give these a try – I promise you’ll be delighted. Thank you Mt. Olive for such a wonderful product. My local Kroger carried them for quite some time, but stopped recently. I’m now in the process of trying to convince them to stock them again – wish me luck!

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