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Mt. Olive’s Sweet Pickles are a great choice for any pickle lover who has a sweet tooth. Sweet pickle lovers will enjoy the crunchy texture layered with a sweetened taste. Our sweet pickles are sweetened to perfection and are able to accompany sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, and snacks. With that in mind, we give you Mt. Olive’s Sweet Pickles. Oh, how sweet it is!

Here, for all your stacking and snacking needs, Mt. Olive’s Sweet Pickles are the perfect zesty flavored and full of crispy crunchy deliciousness, Mt. Olive’s Sweet Pickles are perfect for any snack or meal. Mt. Olive’s sweet pickles are perfect to munch on during the summertime or as a quick snack or side during the colder months.

A unique blend of dill, garlic, and sweetness, Mt. Olive’s Sweet Pickles are a delicious healthy alternative to potato chips, cookies, crackers, cakes and more. These crisp, sweet pickles are a welcome accompaniment to sandwiches and salads.

Mt. Olive’s Sweet Pickles are crisp and delicious. Try them with a sandwich or burger, you won’t be sorry. Mt. Olive’s Sweet Pickles contain our signature crunch with a taste of sweet to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Mt. Olive’s Sweet Pickles can be found in major grocery stores throughout the United States. Look for Mt. Olive’s Sweet Pickles in your grocer’s pickle isle today and bring home that great crisp and delicious sweetness that only Mt. Olive’s Sweet Pickles can bring to your kitchen table.